add another facebook account to instagram

add another facebook account to instagram.

this is a good step if you want to use your business page on facebook, but
don’t have the time or expertise to manage it from there. this way, you can
still keep in touch with your customers and followers while also promoting

your brand on facebook.

how do i add an additional facebook account?

to add an additional facebook account, follow these steps:

1. go to settings & privacy > settings > accounts center.

2. click on “manage your social networks.”
3. select “add account” under “facebook.”
4. enter your login information for the second account.
5. check the boxes next to each account that you want to connect to your primary account.

6. click “add.”
7. review your new connections in the “connect accounts” section of the same menu.
8. click “done.”

if you need help connecting two facebook accounts, contact facebook support.
you can find more details about adding multiple accounts to facebook here.

why does my other account show up when i log into facebook?

if your other account shows up when you log into facebook, there are a few
possible reasons.

first, you may have accidentally connected the wrong account to your primary

second, if you haven’t logged out of your secondary account yet, then that

account will continue to run even after you log out of your primary account.

lastly, if you’ve been using facebook for a long time, it’s possible that
your secondary account has been added as a legacy account.

legacy accounts are used by people who have passed away, moved away, or
haven’t updated their profile picture since they signed up.

in most cases, legacy accounts are not visible to others, but if you see one
that says “legacy,” don’t worry. just delete it and create a new one.

how do i remove a facebook account?

to remove a facebook account, you must first be friends with that person.
then, send them a friend request. once you’re friends with someone, you can
see their profiles by tapping on their name in the search bar at the top

of the screen.

once you tap on their name, you should see a drop-down list of all of the
people you are connected to on facebook. if you see a facebook account you

don’t know, tap on their name and choose “unfriend.”

alternatively, you can ask them to deactivate their account instead of
unfriending them.

how do i block someone on facebook?

there are several ways to block someone on facebook. the easiest way is
by going to their profile and clicking on the three dots icon next to
their name.

from there, you can choose to block them or report them. if you block
them, they won’t be able to see your posts or tag you in photos. if you
report them, they will get a notification that you did so.

what happens if i deactivate my facebook account?

when you deactivate your facebook account, some of your data (such as
photos and videos) will still be available to other users. however,
your messenger conversations will no longer be accessible.

you can reactivate your account anytime by logging back in. otherwise,
deactivating your account will prevent you from accessing certain
features, such as tagging, commenting, liking, and sharing content.

what happens if i delete my facebook account?

if you delete your facebook account, everything you’ve posted,
including photos, comments, and status updates, will be permanently
removed from facebook.

you can still recover anything you’ve deleted by downloading a copy
of your facebook data.

how do i unlink two facebook accounts?

to unlink two facebook accounts, go to settings & privacy >
settings > account center. scroll down until you see “linked
accounts.” tap on “unlink account” and enter your password for the

other account.

how do i change my primary email address on facebook?

go to settings & privacy > settings > account center > general
tab > linked accounts > edit. enter your current email address and
password and tap “save changes.”

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