add facebook account to app

add facebook account to app

* open settings and privacy
* click on ‘settings’
* scroll down to ‘apps and websites’
* tap on ‘edit’ next to the facebook app

* select remove and tap remove button

how do i delete my old facebook account?

* log in with your email or phone number
* go to
* enter your name, birth date, and press continue

* enter a new password for your account
* confirm your choice by pressing continue
* now you will be asked if you want to deactivate your account temporarily or permanently delete it
* press continue

* choose permanent deletion
* after that, press continue
* confirm your decision and press continue
* then you will see a pop-up screen where you can download your data such as photos and posts

* press continue
* then you will get a message saying your account is deleted
* finally, tap on delete button


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how to delete facebook account without waiting 30 days

facebook has been around since 2004, when its founder, mark zuckerberg, used
it to create a social network for college students called wall. over the years,
the platform has grown into one of the largest online communities in the world.

facebook is currently the most popular social networking site in the world,
with more than 2 billion users worldwide. it allows users to connect with
people, share ideas, and stay up to date on events.

facebook has many features, including messenger, instagram, and whatsapp, but
it is primarily used for socializing with friends and family.

if you are looking to stop using facebook, there are several ways to delete
your account. however, deleting your account does not mean that you lose
access to all of your information and content. instead, it means that your
information will no longer be visible to other people who use facebook.

in addition, some people may find it difficult to delete their facebook
account because they have invested too much time and effort into it.

this article will show you how to delete your facebook account without
waiting 30 days.

what happens when you delete your facebook account?

when you delete your facebook account, everything associated with it will
be removed from your profile. this includes messages, comments, likes, and

you won’t be able to access these items until 30 days have passed since
you deleted your account. during this period, anyone who views your
profile will see a notice that says something like this:

> your account is scheduled for deletion in 30 days.

during this time, nobody can send you a message, comment on your

posts, or tag you in photos.

after 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted. anything you
have posted before then will still be viewable, but it will no longer be

accessible to others.

how long does it take to delete a facebook account?

there is no set time limit for deleting an account. facebook allows you
to delete your account at any time. however, you should wait at least
30 days before doing so.

before you delete your account, you should first review the steps

step 1: confirm your identity

before you delete your facebook account, you must verify that you
are the owner of the account.

ensure that you are the person who created the account by visiting
the about page of your profile.

if you aren’t sure whether you are the rightful owner of the account,

visit the report profile link on your profile page.

if you think someone else is using your account, visit the
verification tab on your profile page and follow the instructions


step 2: confirm your identity with id verification

if you haven’t already done so, visit the photo verification tab on
your profile page and upload an id document to prove your identity.

the easiest way to do this is through facebook’s mobile app.

once you have uploaded the id document, you will receive a code
that you can use to verify your identity.

you should

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