how to delete facebook account permanently after death

how to delete facebook account permanently after death

how to delete your facebook account if your loved one passed away. this is
an important step that you should take if you are planning on leaving the
facebook platform after someone’s passing. no one wants to deal with grief,

but it is inevitable when a family member or friend passes away. there are
several ways to handle the situation and one of the easiest is to remove a
loved one from your life by deleting their facebook account after they die.
this article will walk you through the process of how to permanently delete

your facebook account after someone dies.

what happens if i delete my facebook account after someone passes?

if you plan on taking action after your loved one passes away, then it is
important to understand that facebook has a special policy for users who
deleted their accounts after they died. in order to ensure that their account

is deleted properly, facebook requires that you contact customer support.

the following steps will guide you through the process of contacting customer

1. go to your profile page and click “settings & privacy.”

2. select “account ownership and control.”

3. choose “deletion access” and follow the instructions to confirm.

after confirming these steps, you will be prompted to enter your password to

log into your account. once logged in, you can now proceed to delete your
friend’s profile. however, before doing so, make sure to read facebook’s
policy regarding memorialized profiles.

memorialization policies

facebook has a special policy regarding memorialized profiles. this means
that even though you technically have the right to delete the deceased’s
profile, facebook reserves the right to keep the account active. this is

because facebook believes that memorialized profiles serve as a tribute to the
person who has passed away.

in addition to ensuring that the account remains active, facebook also

believes that memorialized profiles provide an opportunity for friends and
family members to interact with the deceased. therefore, facebook does not
permanently delete memorialized profiles and allows them to remain active.

how long do i have to log back in after i delete my facebook account?

it is important to note that although facebook offers the option to
permanently delete your loved one’s account, it does not automatically log
you out of your own account. instead, you will need to log back in again.

this means that even after you delete your loved one’s account, you will
still be able to use facebook until at least 24 hours after you delete
their account.

after this period, facebook will assume that you do not wish to use the
platform anymore. however, if you decide to come back to facebook within
this time frame, you will be required to re-enter your password.

why can’t i just delete my fb account?

there are several reasons why you may find yourself unable to delete your
loved one’s facebook account. first, facebook states that it is against
their terms of service to permanently delete any profile except in

circumstances where there is no other way to contact the user.

secondly, facebook uses two factor authentication to protect your
password. if you forget your password, you will have to provide both

your username and mobile number in order to regain access to your

lastly, facebook requires that all accounts be deleted within 30 days

of a user’s death. because of this, some families opt to delete their
loved one’s account sooner rather than later.

how long will it take for me to get rid of my facebook account

after i pass away?

many people find themselves wondering how long it will take for them
to get rid of their facebook account after they pass away. unfortunately,

there is currently no definite answer to this question.

what is the difference between deactivating and deleting a

facebook account?

the main difference between deleting and deactivating a facebook
account is whether you want to erase all traces of the person from

your timeline or simply disable your account temporarily.

in order to completely erase all evidence of a person from your
timeline, you must first deactivate your account. this will prevent

any future posts from being made on your behalf by facebook and
will also remove any personal information associated with the
deactivated account.

on the other hand, if you only wish to disable your account, you
can simply go to your profile page and click “settings & privacy.

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